Daily Archives: May 8, 2019


Hybrid Chisel With Long Blade, 6pc Set. The Akagashi chisel represents a Japanese and Western Hybrid. The Japanese Red Oak handle and the vanadium-alloyed steel are combined to form a beautifully made and very durable tool. This chisel has a 95 mm long blade which is a high carbon vanadium-alloyed steel and comes very sharp […]

WIHA 10 Pc SpeedE VDE Electric Insulated Screwdriver & Blades Set 1 42266 41911. As the first e-screwdriver from Wiha, speedE® promises to halve the time users take to complete their work in the future. An electric motor assists with fastening screws up to 0.4 Nm before disengaging to ensure that material is protected. The […]

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