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Ryan900 is one of our hot products, it’s a very cool sword. The blades are made of folded steel and darkened. The saya is made of hardwood. The tsukas are made of hardwood and wrapped with wax cords. The tsubas are made of iron. Overall Length : 103cm / 40.6. Nagasa(Blade) : 71cm / 27.9. […]

Product Name flame crafted only 10 pcs 10 pcs Part number 70776 Weight 1.35 kg Chose Product specifications frequently used shapes and sizes is set goods. The set includes: Uchimaru (6 · 9 · 15 · 24 mm), triangle (8 mm), flat (6, 9, 12, 15, and 24). About other area, please ask me. We […]

All products form Japan. This is 8 high quality Japanese pull saws and the 7 respective blades. It has a very long and comfortable grip for a good control. The 8 saws are for right and left handed. The penetration in the wood is easier, you need less efforts. 333mm Saw (For big cut). 270mm […]

Full Damascus Steel Knife Set. Blade: 67-layer Damascus Steel imported from Japan. VG-10 Steel cutting core; 33-layer of Stainless Steel SUS430&SUS431 on each side. Thickness: 1.8 – 2.2 mm. Blades: 67-layers Damascus Steel imported from Japan. This product manufactured from multilayer Damascus steel imported from Japan. Durability, good balance, long-lasting sharp edge, extreme sharpness and […]

All our products are 100% genuine and manufactured by various Japanese manufactures. We carry wide range of kitchen knives to choose from; from reasonably priced domestic use models, to knives for professional chefs. Please select carefully based on your needs, material and size. Pricing varies on materials used for blades and/or handles. Blade materials are […]

It is easy to use when needed, compact machine with cleanliness as well Thickness adjustment: 0 2.5 mm Cutlery slide mechanism Cabbage up to 240 expires. Flatten cabbage flattened, turn the entire cabbage upside down, insert it into the center shaft, rotate the handle and rotate to cut the cabbage. External dimensions: 240 × 220 […]

You may also like. A Set 3 Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Red Pattern Steel Full Tang Blade sharp. Friendly reminder: Following is a sample hand-measured dimensions (approximately), the Measurements There may be some errors. Moreover, color may not appear exactly as in real life due to variation between computer monitor resolution and lights. 40.55inch / […]

Overall Length: 40.5 inch/104 cm. Blade Material: T10 Steel + Clay Tempered. Nagasa Length: 28.7 inch/73 cm. Saya Material: Hard Wood. Handle Length: 10.6 inch/27 cm. Handle Material: Hard Wood + Ray Skin. Sori(curve): 1.8 CM. Blade Width(near Habaki): 1.26 inch/3.2 cm. Package weight : 2.0 kg. Blade Width(near Kissaki): 0.91 inch/2.3 cm. Overall Length: […]

Hybrid Chisel With Long Blade, 6pc Set. The Akagashi chisel represents a Japanese and Western Hybrid. The Japanese Red Oak handle and the vanadium-alloyed steel are combined to form a beautifully made and very durable tool. This chisel has a 95 mm long blade which is a high carbon vanadium-alloyed steel and comes very sharp […]

Damascus Hybrid Chisels, 6-Piece Set. Japanese steel quality – Western blade form. The blades of 24-layer Damascus steel (Suminagashi), laminated with Blue Paper Steel approx. 61 HRC, have outstanding endurance, even on the hardest woods. With its integral design, the hefty handle of Japanese red oak, with a strong heavy-duty ferrule, transmits the highest impacts […]