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Sign up to Newsletters. 110V Stainless Steel Fresh Me. At cutting machine Meat cutter slicer 500KG output. This kind of stainless commercial meat slicer is suitable for small catering industry and meat processing business, kindergarten and small refectory. This product can be efficient to cut beef, pork, lamb and other meat into pieces, The surface […]

Spindle Motor And Inverter VFD. You may also like. 46 Large Stainless Steel BBQ, Pig, Lamb, Goat, Chicken Spit Roaster, Rotisserie TOP. 500kg Meat Cutter Slicer 110V Meat Cutting Machine with 2.5-50mm Two Sets Blade. High Quality Mini Desktop Electric Sugarcane Ginger Press Juicer Stainless Steel. ELECTRIC STAINLESS STEEL TWISTED POTATO AUTOMATIC CUTTER MACHINE TORNADO […]

Suitable for medium and small restaurants, catering chains, meat processing industry, school and factorys canteen. Cutter adopt patented design external suspenion, wash disassembly convenience sanitation is good security. If you want to process different thickness meat, you just need to change the relevant cutter can be achieved. Equipped with safety protection switch. The machine will […]

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