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Armeg 8 Piece VDE Interchangeable Handle & Blade Set. Armeg 8 Piece VDE interchangeable handle & blade set is part of Armeg’s Switch-Blade range, designed to be the ultimate interchangeable VDE screwdriver set. 1 x 1000V VDE Armeg VDE screwdriver handle. 1 x 1000V VDE T-Handle – designed to provide more leverage for high-torque tightening […]

Armeg Torque Screwdriver Set – VDE Insulated – Adjustable Torque – 13pc Fully Loaded Set. Contains 3 VDE handles and 9 VDE blades – giving 27 drive options. The torque can be adjusted and set between 1-6Nm as required. The wide torque range provides increased versatility for different manufacturers’ requirements. Audible clicking sound allows users […]

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