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This is a Brand NEW! Flexcut SK108 Deluxe Starter Carving Knife Blade Set. Includes Wood Polishing Tools and DVD. 16 interchangeable blades with 2 different handles. Also includes 1 fixed handle Cutting Knife, SlipStrop and polishing compound. Includes instructional DVD for a great first project. Blades are razor-sharp right out of the included wood tool […]

Includes KN11 Skew Knife, KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife, KN14 Roughing Knife, KN15 Chip Carving Knife, KN18 Pelican Knife, KN19 Mini-Pelican Knife, KN20 Mini-Chip Knife, KN26 Right-Handed Hook Knife, KN27 Mini-Detail Knife, KN28 Upsweep Knife, KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife, KN32 Detail Skew Knife, KN33 Hooked Push Knife, KN34 Skewed Detail Knife, KN35 Fine Detail […]

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